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I felt it was also important to post “Finding a Reputable Breeder” from the FBCA website:

Finding a Reputable Breeder

Here are some important points to keep in mind when selecting a breeder, and also what you should expect from the breeder when you buy your puppy.

First, don’t buy a puppy from a pet store or a classified ad in the newspaper!

Do not be fooled by flashy websites. These are often used by disreputable breeders. It can be difficult to tell a reputable breeder’s site from an disreputable site. Pay attention to the following features to determine whether this is a breeder you want to consider.

  • Does the website have information about champions they have bred?
  • Does it have pedigrees available for the dogs and puppies shown?
  • Does it discuss health testing?
  • Does it say that dogs will be eligible for AKC Registration?
  • Does it include a detailed questionnaire/application, and does the breeder require that you talk to her in addition to filling out the paperwork?
  • Does it say that dogs are only available sometimes?
  • Does it have only French Bulldogs, rather than multiple breeds for sale?
  • Does it say that dogs will not be shipped, or shipped only under very specific circumstances?
  • Do the dogs seem expensive?
  • Do the dogs shown and described on the website have coat colors that are accepted by the French Bulldog Breed Standard?

I want a french bulldog!   8/13/2017

Since I have been breeding French bulldogs for a number of years, I decided to take a step back and once again research the breed online as if I were a first time puppy buyer to see what you the prospective puppy buyer is seeing on the web.  I was shocked to say the least, at what I had found when doing a search on “French Bulldog Puppies”, “French Bulldog Breeders” or simply just searching “French Bulldog”.  Several of the websites that continually show up at top were for fad color French Bulldogs and other dogs cross bred with the French Bulldog.  I am sure you have heard them referred to as designer breeds, which is basically a fancy name for a high dollar mutt.   I went to each of these sites reading what was written, looking at their photographs and if able to, review the pedigree of these dogs.


Allot of the websites are written and designed very well… a great sales tool for these people.  What is amazing to me is they claim to be breeding for the betterment of the breed.  If you take the time to really research the breed, learn the standard, see what defines a good breeder and investigate their breeding practices you will quickly learn what they wrote is very hypocritical.   The quantity of puppies that are produced by these breeders is astonishing, as well as,  the prices they charge for fad color puppies... $5000.00 and up.  I have seen them as high as $11,000.00 and the craziest part is the majority of these puppies have “SOLD” written next to them.  I have to write this again, Designer Breeds is a fancy name for a MUTT.  Charging $1500.00 up to $4500.00 for a mixed breed is insane. Breeding Mutt's is purely for profit.  If a mixed breed is what you desire, please support your local animal shelter and rescue your next pet. 

With all this being said, please be aware a well bred French Bulldog will cost anywhere from $3200 up to $6000.  A good breeder will know the history behind their dogs, such as health, temperament and conformation. I felt I needed to mention this because I have gotten so many emails lately from people thinking they can get a quality frenchie for under $1000 based on reading my website.  This is certainly not the case. 

Over the past four years, I have gotten allot of inquiries for “fad color” French bulldogs.  What is a fad color and why does it matter?  This material has been taken directly from The French Bulldog Club of America website.  


A fad color is a coat color disqualified by the FBDCA/AKC French Bulldog Breed Standard. These colors are also often referred to as rare colors. Those who intentionally breed disqualification (DQ) colors in French Bulldogs are motivated only to make money. No responsible breeder would breed against their breed standard.

FBDCA  is bringing up the issue of fad colors in order to:

  • educate and protect the dog-buying public,
  • preserve our breed standard,
  • protect the work of the many outstanding and responsible breeders who adhere to our breed standard.

A reputable and responsible Frenchie breeder should only breed dogs conforming to his or her country’s parent club French Bulldog Breed Standard. Those irresponsible breeders who breed for and advertise rare colors are intentionally spreading unacceptable color genes through the gene pool and causing problems for reputable breeders whose main concern is to produce quality puppies that conform to our Standard. These irresponsible breeders producing fad colors are motivated by greed, since by calling their disqualified colors rare they are able to sell them for very inflated prices.

**08/13/2017 - Since I wrote this article about my research,  the popularity in this breed, as well as,  people breeding fad colors has completely went out of control!  The people breeding blues are now flooding the market with them, so they have lowered their prices, and are now breeding other fad colors to support their $5000 - $11,000  price tag for these "rare colored" dogs.  This hurts "our beloved breed".  Some of these breeders have even changed the silhouette of this breed, basically crippling them,  to act as if they have something "special" to offer in order to make even more money.  Do not support these breeders!  In order to maintain our breed, we must breed to the standard, anything else is UNACCEPTABLE and can change the French Bulldog FOREVER!  The FBDCA is going through great lengths at protecting our breed!  

Please realize that REPUTABLE breeders to not cause shelter dogs, as their dogs are sold on contracts that specifically state they will take their dog back at any time if the owners cannot keep them for any reason.  Backyard breeders and puppy mills don't care about the puppies they produce.  Cash in hand is all they care about, they do not breed "For the Love of the French Bulldog!"